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On this list you will find general discussions about francophone authors, feminist literary criticism, women in culture or in francophone politics, announcements of recent publications by members or of interest to members. You will also find discussions about teaching, the adoption of new text books, suggestions for courses on literature, etc.

How to subscribe to this list?

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If you change your email address

If you are already a member and already but you will have a change of emails (e.g. for sabbatical, change of server at your uni, etc.) please send a message to Raquelle Bostow with your new email AS WELL AS the old one so that she can be sure to make the change correctly.

How to post a message to the list?

If you are subscribed to the list send your queries or announcements to wif@lists.womeninfrench.org

ALWAYS ask that responses be sent to yourself alone so as not to encumber the list. 

You may certainly, if you think it useful, repost all the responses you have received personally in a follow-up post to the list.

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