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Article I. The name of the organization shall be Women in French.

Article II. Purpose: Women in French is an organization organized exclusively for educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or any corresponding section of any future tax code. Women in French is a voluntary organization of individuals who wish to promote research on women writing in French, on women in literature and culture of French expression, and other domains of feminist literary criticism. An additional purpose of the organization is to share information and concerns about the status of women in higher education in the United States and Canada.

Article III. Membership: Anyone who is currently teaching or who has taught French language or Francophone literature (at any level) or who has an advanced degree (M.A., Ph.D.) or equivalent achievement in French language or Francophone literature or who is working on such a degree is eligible to become a member of Women in French. A special membership category is available for practicing artists.

Article IV. Dues: Dues shall be set by the Executive Committee and payable to the treasurer. They shall include a subscription to the Women in French Newsletter and to WIF Studies. (See articles V and VI.)

Article V. Governance.

Section 1. The organization shall have an executive committee composed of one representative from each MLA region, a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate Past President, Editor of Women in French Studies, Editor of the Women in French Newsletter, Manager of the Women in French Website, Manager of the Listserv and one graduate student representative.

Section 2. Duties of the Officers.

The Executive Committee shall be composed of seven regional representatives elected for three-year terms, one graduate student representative elected for a two-year term, and a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer elected for two-year terms, the Editor of Women in French Studies, the Editor of the Women in French Newsletter, the Manager of the Women in French Website, and the Manager of the Listserv.

The past President will continue to serve on the Executive Committee for two years following the conclusion of her/his mandate. The terms of the representatives will be staggered so that approximately one third will change each year. These officers and representatives will be elected by mail-in ballot (or e-mail), published in the Fall Newsletter. All members will be eligible to vote for the officers and the graduate student representative; regional representatives will be chosen only by the members of their respective regions. The President and Vice-President may be candidates for a second term, but may not continue beyond four consecutive years in the same office. The graduate student representative may not continue beyond the year of completion of the terminal degree.

The President or designee shall preside over the annual meeting which will coincide with the MLA Annual Conference in January. The President will correspond with the members of the Executive Committee during the year about items of business.
Should the President be unable to fulfill the duties of the office, the Vice-President will complete the term.

The Secretary or designee will take minutes at the annual meeting, publish them in the first Newsletter following the meeting, and deal with routine correspondence such as sending annual dues notices to lapsed members. She/he shall keep the President informed of the membership rolls and co-ordinate subscriptions to the Women in French Newsletter and WIF Studies.

The Treasurer will work closely with the Secretary. He/she shall collect the dues, maintain a bank account, keep the books, and prepare a treasurer’s report for the annual MLA convention.

Article VI. The official organ of the organization will be the Women in French Newsletter. All official notices will be published in this newsletter.

Article VII. Committees: The Executive Committee shall appoint any committees that it deems necessary to carry out its work.

Article VIII. Amendments: The by-laws may be amended at any annual meeting of WIF by a two-thirds vote provided that written notice of any proposed change is distributed by mail to all members at least thirty days prior to the meeting and that absentee ballots are accepted.

These by-laws were approved at the MLA Convention in New York, December 27, 1983. They were amended at the MLA Convention in San Francisco, December 29, 1987; at the MLA Conventions: Chicago, December 29, 1990; New York, December 29, 1992; and December 1995; Washington, December 29, 1996; Toronto, December 29, 1998, Chicago, December 28, 1999, in 2004 and in 2007 by paper ballot, and in December 2014 by electronic voting.

Avec des membres des États-Unis, de France, de Nouvelle-Zélande, du Royaume-Uni, du Canada, de Belgique, d'Irlande, d'Australie, du Cameroun, de Pologne, de Grèce, de Suisse, de Turquie, d'Espagne et d'Italie.

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