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Women in French

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Northeast Modern Language Association


2022, Baltimore, Maryland, March 10-13

I. Women and the Invisible Labor of Care in French-language Literature and Film (Part 1 of 2)
Anne Brancky, Vassar College

  • "Domestic Distortion: Staging Invisibility and Exploitation in Marie NDiaye’s Hilda." Matthew Rodriguez, Harvard University.
  • "Refusing to Take Care: The Rejection of Family Duty in French Contemporary Theater." Morgan Callan Stinson, Catholic University of America.
  • "Le paradoxe du care dans les romans feel good." Cecile Lebleu, Tulane University.
  • "Found in Time: Film Editor Nelly Quettier and the Ellipsis Device." Maya Sidhu, University of California, Berkeley.

II. Women and the Invisible Labor of Care in French-language Literature and Film (Part 2 of 2)
Chair: Anne Brancky, Vassar College

  • "The Invisible Birth Mother." Anne Brancky, Vassar College.

  • "Cloister, Confinement, and Care." Youna Kwak, University of Redlands.

  • "Medicine Women: Flowers and Periods in Renaissance France." Pauline Goul, George Washington University.

III. Professional Issues around Gender, Work and Care (Roundtable)
Chair: Anne Brancky, Vassar College

"Enforced Advocacy and Persistent Precarity" Sole Anatrone, Vassar College
  • "Childcare and Tenure: How COVID has Affected TT Positions at Research Institutions." Aubrey Gabel, Columbia University.
  • " 'There is No Pandemic': The Lack of Options for Caregivers in a 'Post-Pandemic' World." Colleen Clemens, Kutztown University.
  • "Intersectional Academic Work." Iwona Sadowska, Georgetown University.
  • "Leaving the 'Work' Behind: A Complication of Work and Exploration of Care." Alessia Servin, Western University.

IV. Maternal Care in Contemporary Québécois Fiction
Chair: Anne Brancky, Vassar College
Chair: Sara Giguère, Université de Montréal

  • "Househusbands and Crime-Solving New Moms: Maternal Care in the Contemporary Graphic Novel." Aubrey Gabel, Columbia University.
  •  "'Comment avouer que ma mère était ma maladie?': The Chronotope(s) of the Patient." Cristina Robu, Indiana University-Bloomington.
  •  "'Un geyser dans le ventre' : Woman versus Mother in Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette's La femme qui fuit." Olivia Choplin, Elon University.

2021 Virtual Special Sessions

I. Visual Africa: Francophone Women's Aesthetic Representations of Africa (Roundtable)
Anna Rocca, Salem State University

  • "Women’s Subjectivity and Contemporary Video Art: The Lens of Fatou Kandé Senghor." Joseph Underwood, Kent State University.

  • "Mille Soleils (Thousand Suns) from Mati Diop, an Aesthetic of the Interstice." Farah Clémentine Dramani-Issifou, Celsa Paris Sorbonne.

  • "Through Mati Diop’s Eyes: Representing Social and Gender Realities of Women in Senegal." Caroline Laurent, King’s College-London.

  • "Blackness, Citizenship, and Beauty in Mariannes Noires." Maria Sinon, University of California, Irvine.

  • "‘Tunisian Women of the Book’." Anna Rocca, Salem State University.

II. Francophone African Women Writers Embracing Eco-feminism (Part 1of 2)
Anna Rocca, Salem State University

  • "Narrating Environment and ‘Development’ in Ken Bugul’s Aller et Retour." Mary-Kay Miller, Salem State University.
  • "(Un)becoming Human: Female and Vegetal bodies in the Work of Yamina Mechakra and Samira Negrouche." Abigail Fields, Yale University.
  • "Double Oppression Ecofeminist Narrative Strategy in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions." Najwa Ahmed, American University.

III. Francophone African Women Writers Embracing Eco-feminism (Part 2 of 2)
Mouhamedoul Niang, Colby College

  • "From Ndakaaru to Dakar: Eco-feminist Flâneries in Ken Bugul’s Cacophonie and Aller et retour." Hapsatou Wane, Georgia Southern University.
  • "Deterritorialization and Defamiliarization in Léonora Miano’s Ecotopias" Thomas Muzart, Colby College.
  • "Ce que murmurent les collines (Scholastique Mukasonga): An Ecological Memory." Ninon Vessier, Emory University.
  • "Waste, Governance, and Nature: Engaging with Environmental Issues in Festins de la détresse." Mouhamedoul Niang, Colby College.


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