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Call for Abstracts: NeMLA 2021

22 Jul 2020 1:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

NeMLA 2021: 52nd Northeast Modern Language Association Convention

Philadelphia, PA 

March 11-14, 2021


18582: Francophone African Women Writers Embracing Eco-Feminism (WIF session) (Panel) Chair: Anna Rocca (Salem State University)

This panel welcomes papers exploring francophone African women writers’ narratives that approach human life as deeply embedded in both nature and culture. Some themes of consideration should include, among others: how literary accounts expose the intersectional ties among environmentalism, anti-colonial struggle, and social justice; in what ways African female writers challenge unjust, ecologically destructive forms of imperial development and engage in alternative forms of ecofeminist environmental ethics; how they represent the double oppressions of women and nature; and finally, how do women writers depict communitarian and relational living, and interdependence between humans and nature.

DEADLINE for Abstract Submission: September 30, 2020

SUBMIT HERE: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/18582


18583. Visual Africa: Francophone Women's Aesthetic Representations of Africa (WIF session) (Roundtable) Chair: Anna Rocca (Salem State University)

This panel invites papers on francophone African women's artistic and cinematic representations of contemporary Africa. How do African women artists relate with stereotypes and essential notions and visual representations of Africa, the latter created for Westerners' consumption? How do female artists appropriate and imagine cultural heritage? Are they defining new aesthetics and perspectives of belonging and (national) identity? Do women artist posit a multiplicity of shifting ranging from static binary categories such as North/South, black/white, African/European, foreign /national, to overlapping identity formation as well as localized, situational, and/or hyphenated identities?

DEADLINE for Abstract Submission: September 30, 2020

SUBMIT HERE: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/18583


Currently, and provided that city and state officials sanction meetings of groups of 250 or more in March, NeMLA is planning for an in-person conference. NeMLA will of course take all steps to ensure participants’ safety (adjusting seating capacity, following social distancing rules, using masks and working with the hotel to respect health guidelines). In October, Chairs will assess where presenters stand as well.

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